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Thursday, Sept. 15
5:30pm – 8:00pm at Kruger Hall

Consulting Demystified is our first year introductory event, featuring challenges and a panel designed to introduce the world of consulting to incoming students. Participants will work in a team to solve multiple challenges in order to win guaranteed interviews for our internship program.

Intern Panel Discussion

Learn about our internship program from past interns

4 Challenges

Compete in consulting related challenges with your team


Mingle with the RCCA team and meet your peers

  • Market sizing

    A popular interview question; you will have to “guesstimate” a large market size as accurately as possible 

  • Elevator Pitch

    After being given a list of topics, you will have to give a concise “elevator pitch”; a useful skill when presenting as a consultant.

  • Slide Building

    Showcase your presentation skills by creating a useful and aesthetic slide deck with you team

  • Trivia

    Test your general business and consulting knowledge and compete against other teams in a trivia challenge

Win a guaranteed interview
for our first year internship!

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